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Our School ‘Brick and Mortar’

The Academy Kemetic Education & Wellness, Inc.  began offering in person Classes in 1999 in its ‘brick and mortar’ building space in Boston, MA. Its co-founders, Dr Nteri and Baba Heru Lester Nelson could see their vision manifesting of having a school where people could come and learn an African Centered Model of Education, a mission which teaches the rich history of African and African Diaspora people.

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With Covid in 2020 and the passing of Baba Heru Lester Nelson in 2021 ‘May you be found Maa Kheru’ True of Voice’, the Academy is nearing completion of an ONLINE School where many of the wonderful services you were able to enjoy in our Brick n Mortar School are continuing Virtually.

She has served as Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts in the Africana Studies Department. She is an Independent researcher and was a member of The Black Knostic Lodge & Studies for over a decade under the late Dr. Alfred Ligon, and fellow Lodge member with the late Dr Richard King, (father of Melanin Studies). She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (B.S); a
Masters in Social Work (M.S.W); a Masters in the Science of Esoteric Psychology (M.S.E.P); and a Doctor of Esoteric Philosophy (PhD.E) with a concentration in Metaphysical and Kemetic/Egyptian Studies.

Dr. Nteri is a gifted Wordsmith and Mdw Ntr Symbologist and has given important Keys for Dis-Spelling Illusion in the books she has authored entitled: 

°Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple 

°Secrets of Race and Consciousness 

°African Cosmology Kemen

°The Golden Sun Egg Uncracked 

°MerKaBa: The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life: KaAbBa 

°Kemetic Karest mas Celebration

°On The Way To Finding Your Soulmate 

°The Right Relationship & The Forgiveness Process Workbooks.

As a licensed clinician, she has worked in the Behavioral/Mental Health field for the last 35 years. She provides counseling and consultation to: individuals, couples, families, groups and agencies. She has a Private Practice where she uses a variety of healing methods and has developed many specialties which include:  Marriage/Couples/Relationships, PTSD Trauma, Anxiety, Depression,
Meditation/Mindfulness, Forgiveness, Soul/Life Purpose, to name just a few). Co-counseling together, she and her husband, Lester Nelson, Min., specialize in Relationship work with Couples, Families and Groups. Other working experience includes: providing service within the Department of Mental Health and three Medical Associate Practices, which includes Harvard Vanguard Medical
Associates where she worked as a Clinician in the Behavioral Mental Health department. She has worked many years providing psychotherapeutic services in the Massachusetts Correctional Institutions and in hospitals. She is a Shækem Ra-AЖE Master.

She has had the honor of traveling to Kemet (Egypt) under the guidance of Elder Dr.Yosef ben-Jochannan and Dr. Clinton Crawford; and to Ghana under the guidance of Drs. Leonard and Rosalind Jeffries and Professor James Small. She lectures nationally and internationally at conferences which includes: Association for the Study of Classical African Civilization; Nile Valley; Indigenous African Healers; First World Alliance; Diopian Institute; Melanin; Sankofa; Medu Neter; Study of Race & Culture, and more. She is featured in Hidden Colors 4, a documentary film series. She has served as the Eastern Region/Massachusetts Representative for ASCAC and chair of the Spiritual Development Commission. As teacher and eternal student of the Ancient wisdom her years of experience have made her a firsthand witness to that which both fetters and liberates the Soul in its Spiritual Journey. Nteri Nelson, PhD.E, L.I.C.S.W., M.S.W., M.S.E.P


Dr. Nteri Nelson, Metaphysician, Teacher, Clinician, Co-founder of The Academy of Kemetic Education & Wellness, Inc.

Dr. Nteri Nelson is a Metaphysician, Teacher of the African origins of the Ancient wisdom, and a Licensed Clinician. She is co-founder of, The Academy of Kemetic Education & Wellness, Inc. where she teaches an African Centered Educational Model for Psychological, Spiritual, and Character development which is underpinned by the History and Wisdom of Ancient Africa/Kemet (Egypt) and the Diaspora, as a way of Self knowledge, healing and health.

Dr. Nteri Nelson And Pan African Community Scholars

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Certification Programs

Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple: Metaphysical Keys to the Tree o Life-

MerKaB: The Great Pyramid Is The Tree of Life: KaAbBa - are an African Centered Educational and Awakening Comsciousness Model for Psychological, Spiritual, Sociological, Character Development and Wellness, which is underpinned, by our African and Diaspora History and inclusive of African language, constructs and cosmology.

These programs teach the Application & practice of Ancient African Wisdom in so called ‘modern’ daily living. Its Research reveals that the people of the African Nile valley Civilization in ancient Kemet/Egypt had an elaborate Science for understanding Mind, Body, Soul - and well-defined practices for developing that which is both human and Divine within the constitution of man and woman. It imparts understanding of how our African Ancestors of the Nile Valley were Masters in: a) the Science of Mind, Body and Soul b) expressing divine qualities which they called the Neter or Neteru and c) detailing the anatomy of the Soul, its Journey, and how to fulfill ones life purpose.


This Model is based on the wisdom of the Kemites (later called the Egyptians) as recorded in, the Pyramid Texts, Prt m Hru The Book of Coming Forth By Day After Night, their Medu Neter language (later called Hieroglyphics by the Greeks) and books authored by Dr Nteri Nelson entitled: Ka Ab Ba Building The Lighted Temple: Metaphysical Keys Tree Life (2000) and MerKaBa:The Great Pyramid is The Tree of Life: KaAbBa Kemetic Technology For Remaking Ourselves As Beings Of Light (2011). 

The purpose of the Academy is to re-connect with the Afrikan origin of the Ancient Wisdom, ‘Our-Story’, in an unapologetic, undiluted, TRUTH seeking learning environment.  Since its beginning the Academy has been graduating class after class of Initiates in its Certification Programs through two decades.

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